About The Future Starts Now!

The phrase “The Future Starts Now” has been an inspiration to me since well before I ever heard about EFT or began coaching. It sums up where the power is to create your life the way you want – right here and right now. And if you happened to miss the ‘now’ that just went by, there’s another ‘now’ right here.

Maybe you’ve been letting your ‘now’ pass by for months, years or even decades. It doesn’t matter – because here comes another ‘now’, completely fresh and full of potential. A brand new crucible in which to create your future.

‘Now’ is the only time you have
to do anything
or feel anything
or have anything.
But it’s the only time you need.

Most people make their judgements about what’s likely to happen and what’s possible for them based on what’s happened up till now. But basing your future on the past is really ‘not going the way you’re faced’. It’s hard to go forward if you’re facing backwards! ‘Now’ isn’t hampered by anything that’s happened before. Your whole life path can turn 180 degrees in an instant.

Can you feel the sense of excitement and urgency that comes over you when you really focus on what you could do right now to change things, even just a little? Imagine living your life with that sense of excitement, potential and power all the time!

This doesn’t mean you can achieve
your fully completed goals in an instant.
But you can begin them in an instant.

What does this have to do with EFT or coaching?

EFT focuses only on what’s here right now – the issue as you perceive it, and the actual feeling or thought you are aware of right now. Using EFT to work with your goals is a fantastic way of staying with the ‘now’ that’s actually here, and not getting caught up in trying to start from somewhere else, such as when you have more time, when you’ve lost weight, when you’ve got your relationship sorted out, when the kids have grown up, when you’re under less stress, when we achieve world peace…

EFT offers a wonderfully tangible way of beginning to change your future, even if you haven’t got a clue where else to start.

EFT has been a breakthrough technique for me and for my clients when it comes to doing something ‘now’. Even if you don’t have a clue where to start, you can always begin by doing some EFT on the feeling of ‘not having a clue’! That’s a start, and a good one.

With EFT you never need to be truly ‘stuck’ again – you will always have something constructive to do to get yourself out of your stuckness and begin creating a more positive future for yourself.

Your Future Starts Now!

And if you missed that ‘now’ you can start now instead.

How about now?