Are You an EFT Coach?

If you’re a Life Coach who uses EFT as part of your coaching tool set, I’d love to hear from you!

Since the first edition of The EFT Coach was published in 2004, the number of professional coaches using EFT as a tool has increased dramatically. And yet, it’s still a comparatively niche offering within the life coaching marketplace.

Although I’m not actively coaching these days I still follow the world of EFT and use it personally on a regular basis. Both The EFT Coach and The EFT Coach Workbook were intended to show professionals and beginners just how powerful and versatile EFT is as a tool for personal growth and goal achievement.

I’ve just updated both to brand new editions and these are now on sale on Amazon worldwide.

To help promote the idea of EFT Coaching, and get the word out to even more coaches, I’d love to feature a number of guest blogs by active EFT Coaches from around the world.

  • Maybe you read The EFT Coach years ago and this inspired you to try out EFT with your clients?
  • Maybe you developed your own way of using EFT with coaching independently?
  • Maybe you have some interesting case studies or successes you’d like to share?
  • Or perhaps you have applied EFT to a specific coaching niche or specialism?

As long as you have something to say about EFT and Coaching I’m interested!

Just drop me a line using the Contact Form and we can take it from there.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Are You an EFT Coach?