Is Doing EFT Self-Indulgent….?

Over the years I’ve had several clients express the view that working on their issues with EFT seemed “trivial” and “self-indulgent”. Without getting too specific, the issues involved things like food cravings and childhood memories – classic EFT material!

When I hear several clients saying the same thing, I begin to wonder how many other EFTers might be feeling the same way. So here’s my personal view on the issue of “self-indulgence”…

Every negative emotion (fear, disappointment, grief, anger, resentment, envy etc) you remove from your own energy system is a reduction in the total amount of stress on your immune system. This is true no matter what the “content” of that negative emotion is.

Feeling an intensity of 10 when thinking of “never eating chocolate again” does the same damage as a an intensity of 10 remembering being in car crash. It’s the intensity and the rush of stress hormones that does the damage, regardless of what thought triggered it.

And with so many serious health conditions now being recognised as having stress as a significant factor, releasing any negative emotions can be seen as a very worthwhile contribution to your long-term health.

I also believe that every tiny piece of negativity you remove from your own system is a reduction in the total sum of negativity around on the planet. And now there are many thousands of people doing EFT for themselves and for others. Gary Craig’s email list has tens of thousands of members, and his YouTube channel current has over 37,000 subscribers, not to mention the subscribers of many other EFT practitioners around the world – all that tapping and releasing has to add up over time.

You might “only” be tapping for your food craving, or your temporary annoyance at being in a traffic jam…..but I believe you are doing more good for the whole of humanity than you can possibly know. This idea is expressed in this quote from  Peter Kelder, author of The Eye of Revelation:

“We who take ourselves in hand and make
new creatures of ourselves …is doing a
marvellous work for mankind everywhere.”

Of course, labelling your efforts at EFT as “self-indulgent” is great way for your subconscious mind to make you feel bad or even guilty about working on your issues. It may even be enough to make you stop using EFT altogether.

If the idea of self-indulgence is a persistent thought or block to progress for you, try tapping on with some EFT!

For instance:

“Even though I believe doing EFT on this issue is self-indulgent, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I think this issue is too trivial to be doing EFT on, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Is Doing EFT Self-Indulgent?