Past PDF Customers

Customers who bought previous editions of The EFT Coach or The EFT Coach Workbook in PDF format are entitled to PDF updates of all future versions of the title they bought, or replacements if they lose the file(s) for any reason.

This applies if you bought a pdf version of either title from ClickBank, or direct from, before 2020.

(Not sure if you are eligible for an update? Check the table at the bottom of this page.)

How to claim your replacement or update

All past PDF customers were contacted in July 2020 by email to let them know about the new editions. However, many customers’ email addresses have changed and won’t have seen the notification. These customers can still contact me direct and ask for their free upgrades.

Contact me using the Contact Form.

In the message box, provide as many of the following details as you can:

  • The title and edition you purchased (e.g. The EFT Coach, Edition 1)
  • Your name (as provided at the time of purchase)
  • Your email address (as provided at the time of purchase)
  • The date of purchase
  • ClickBank ID or PayPal transaction number

However I do understand that it has been a long time in many cases! So if you don’t have all of these details, please include as much as you can and I will do my best to help.

Many thanks for your custom and support since 2004.

FormatTitle and EditionEligible?
PDFThe EFT Coach Editions 1, 2 or 3
The EFT Coach Workbook Editions 1 or 2
PaperbackThe EFT Coach Editions 1 or 2
The EFT Coach Workbook Edition 1
KindleThe EFT Coach Edition 3
The EFT Coach Workbook Edition 2