The EFT Coach Workbook for Complete Beginners

The EFT Coach Workbook for Complete Beginners

Specially written for people with no previous EFT or coaching experience, the The EFT Coach Workbook for Complete Beginners contains over 80 step-by-step EFT exercises, targeting the most common emotional blocks that people encounter when working on their life goals .

Find out:

  • What’s really stopping you from achieving your goals
  • Why willpower alone won’t get you what you want
  • Why there is nothing wrong with you
  • What Fear of Success really is – and why it’s a myth
  • How to test whether a goal is right for you
  • How to make your goal feel 100% possible
  • How to find your limiting beliefs and clear them with EFT
  • A step-by-step technique for altering any unwanted habit.
  • Nine Powerful Questions to help you when you’re ‘stuck’ – with EFT exercises for each one to help you find your own answers.
  • And much more!

Written by an experienced Life Coach and EFT Practitioner, The EFT Coach Workbook for Complete Beginners shows you how to use EFT to address a range of fears and negative beliefs in the way of achieving your life goals.

Although designed for beginners, The EFT Coach Workbook is also recommended for experienced EFT users, as well as being a useful resource for professional coaches:

Complete Beginners:

  • No prior knowledge of EFT or coaching is required.
  • Easy to use, pick-up-and-tap format.
  • Over 80 step-by-step exercises.
  • Includes full EFT tutorial

Experienced EFT Users:

Although you may know EFT pretty well, you may be wondering how to apply it to your life goals. Even advanced EFT users can find it difficult to objectively work out what their own blocks and limiting beliefs might be. You’ll be taken through a set of the most common blocks to progress and exercises to help you identify your limiting beliefs.

Professional EFT Practitioners and Coaches:

The EFT Coach Workbook will provide you with a rich source of inspiration for exercises to do with clients, either in sessions or as homework.

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“Your book was written simply, allowing me to learn and understand easier than some of the other energy stuff out there. I do like the personal touch that you have in the book – explaining your relationship to EFT from the beginning.”  

Rick W, EFT user, USA

“Reading the sections on ‘Change’, ‘Happiness’ and ‘Nine Ways That Goals Go Wrong’ have had a profound effect on me. It is incredible how you brought up all the different thoughts that go through my mind that prevent me from achieving my goals.”

Viviane Toussaint, EFT user, Canada

“Fear of Success is a Myth – what a clarification! Now I can see why it’s so easy for some people to stay stuck – we’re focussing on the wrong thing! Mary, you explain it so clearly and eloquently – the book is worth buying just for this gem!” 

Christina Elvin PhD, Psychotherapist, Energy Psychologist, Coach, UK


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  • Is This Book For You?
  • Where It All Began
  • What to Expect From EFT and This Book
  • Chapter Overview

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